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VOIP Calls to USA
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VOIP Calls to USA
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Over the past eight years voiplowrate has been providing low cost high quality calling service to the Caribbean, UK and Canada. It is the only service specifically created to address the telephone communication needs of the Caribbean community worldwide. we give offers Broadband Phone service (VoIP)for the business and residential community worldwide, and the voiplowrate On The Go calling card service in USA, UK and Canada.

Sending phone credit : -
International voipcheap calling services allows you to send credit to your friends and family. Sending credit with this service is not only safe but also very secure. You can send credit to ComCel, LIME, C&W and Digicel 24/7. Unlike other services, this service has made sending of credit quick and easy even if it is your first time. In addition, there is no restriction because you can send credit to any part of the world.

Lowest calling rates offered by this service provider

Dominican Republic…………………3.9c/min
Australia …………………………………2.9/min
Cayman Islands …………………………5.9c/min
Trinidad and Tobago………………….8.9c/min
Puerto Rico …………………………….2.5c/min

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For a number of years, voiplowrate has been one of the leading companies when it comes to providing low cost local as well as long distance calls. With its services, you can call anywhere in the world. Do not spend a lot of money all in the name of communicating with your family or friends when you can save with International voipcheap calling services. The web-based company has it main office in Georgia, USA. The other countries where you will find its offices are Canada and UK. Whether you want to make local calls, long distance and international mobile phone calls, voipcheap calling services will rarely disappoint. Furthermore, this service allows you to send SMSs to different parts of the world if you do not want to call. To reach the company’s customer service team, you can give them a call through an IPhone or Android app. In order to benefit from the services offered by voiplowrate register with any of their VoIP calling service or even Jamaica calling card.
How to top up your account:-
You can top up you account using several ways. Some of the most used ways include the following

 Online Top Up:-
To top up your account using the online means, you have to log into your official account. After you have logged into your account, you will come across a $ Sign located at the top left hand side of the home page. Move your mouse pointer to the symbol before clicking Make payment. Once the page has come up, you can enter amount of credit you want to top up. However, the minimum amount you can top up to your account is $ 10.00. You can use another card as long as you have saved it on your account by simply clicking on Use other card section.

Remotely using a registered telephone:-
The other option of topping up is using your registered telephone. You must make a call into the service system from your registered telephone before you can top up. Simply dial any of the access numbers provided in the home page. You will get information about your account balance hence you can now call your desired destination. To top up you account, instead of dialing the destination you want, press 2 and then 3 to call the support team. Once you have done, follow the prompts.

Using Voiplowrate:-
You can top up your account directly from voiplowrate telephone by pressing *41 on your handset after connecting it to voiplowrate service. You will have to wait for the system to search information about your account. Afterwards, you will hear press 1 to see your balance and press 2 to top up your account.

Is it safe? voiplowrate processes customer transactions using the latest encryption methods via our secure website. our website have scure. voiplowrate has been in business for almost 10 years and we have an excellent record providing top quality service and keeping customer information safe.

What plans does voiplowrate offer? voiplowrate offers monthly plans, pay as you go plans and calling card plans, best offer for you can be viewed at http://www.voiplowrate.com/cheap-calling-plans.html

Our customer service:

Dial (800) 811-3715 and then choose the second option on your phone.
Auto top up
You can set your account to top up automatically without necessarily going online or calling the customer service. This is the best way to ensure that you do not run out of credit while making important calls. You can do this by setting your account to top up itself automatically any time it goes below a certain amount for example $ 10 or $ 30.
In conclusion, International voipcheap calling services are simply the best. With these services, you can make local as well as international calls without spending much on the same. Furthermore, you can text your friends or even send them credit.

How do I get voiplowrate? You may order the service online http://www.voiplowrate.com/cheap-calling-plans.html or call us at +1 (800) 811-6456 or +1 (404) 648-5684. 24/7  call us for any help.

What are the rates? Rates are different for each plan, rates can be found at http://www.voiplowrate.com/voiplowrate-calling-rates.html

 To start making cheap calls to Jamaica you simply need to sign up for any of our VoIP calling service or          Jamaica calling card service.

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